International Extravaganza! Adrian Salbuchi, Annie Machon on Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 10/3

Saturday 10/3 on Truth Jihad Radio, 5-7 pm Central on

First hour: Adrian Salbuchi, Argentine anti-globalist economist. Check out his video lecture Zionism: A Key Factor in the New World Order Elite Power Network .

Second hour: Annie Machon, organizer and presenter, Vers la Verité: International 9/11 Activist Gathering in Paris, to be held Saturday, 10/10/2009 at La Bellevilloise, 19-21 rue Boyer in Paris.

I also hope to get a call-in or update on or from Muhammed Abdullah, the Pomona, California 9/11 truth activist whose freedom of speech was trampled earlier this year, and who seems to have just been targeted by a huge police raid in retaliation for his 9/11 truth-speaking.