Truth Gathering, Meria Heller, Mossad Death Threat on Truth Jihad Radio!

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 8/14/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or (402) AFR-252, or post your questions to my Facebook page, where Ed Rynearson of RadioDuJour will be putting up hyperlinks about matters under discussion.

First half hour: Live from the Truth Gathering! Sander Hicks, Richard Gage, Enver Masud, Luke Rudkowski, Barry Kissin, Nick Bryant, Rev. Ian Alterman, Paul Zarembka and other fine truth-seekers will be passing the phone around to report on the insights being shared at this important event. Note: This didn't come off, due to a miscommunication. The first 45 minutes of the show are me taking calls. Fast forward to 45 minutes into the show to catch Meria Heller, or go to

Middle hour (5:30-6:30 Central): Meria Heller! The original genuinely alternative radio host, the indescribable Meria describes herself as: "Internationally known teacher of the Universal Medicine Wheel, Spiritual Teacher, Master Metaphysician, Producer and Host of 'The Meria Heller Show.'" Meria is a wise, witty, soulful truth-seeker, not to mention one of the best conversationalists on the planet!

Final half-hour: Mark Glenn and USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney will discuss the face-to-face death threat they recently received, delivered to Phil from a self-professed Mossad agent.

What's with the sudden rash of threats to honest journalists? Are the bad guys trying to silence opposition in advance of an attack on Iran and possible WWIII? Or, as Tuesday's guest Israel Shamir writes, should we Fear Not? FYI Jonathan Mark just passed on the story that:

The first journalists to bring the "PharmaWHO" fraud to light, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, and Jane Burgermeister, are both in serious jeopardy from BigPhama reprisals. Horowitz has been falsely framed in the recent murder of Britain's leading financial whistleblower, Edward Harle; while Burgermeister is fighting against attacks by Austrian government officials instigated by BigPharma operatives.