WHO'S Obnoxious? Joshua Blakeney and Ian Henshall on the Kevin Barrett Show

Tuesday, August 24th, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern) on http://NoLiesRadio.org, to be archived here a few hours after broadcast...

Ian Hensh
all, Coordinator of Reinvestigate 9/11 and author of 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence, and Joshua Blakeney, Department of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge, will join me to discuss the role of provocation and controversy in the 9/11 truth movement...specifically, Josh's cruel, witty and merciless attack on the obnoxious war criminal propagandist and over-the-top Islamophobe Christopher Hitchens, which elicited a major article in Canada's leading neocon rag, the National Post. UK 9/11 truth leader Ian Henshall, who knew Hitchens when they were both at Oxford, will join us to expose sordid details about his former university mate.

Josh's essay, which signally fails to commiserate with the cancer-stricken Hitchens, is a calculated provocation...rather like my half-dead-serious, half-self-consciously-outrageous proposal for a mega-mosque on Ground Zero sporting gigantic Twin Minarets to replace the Towers demolished by genocidal Islamophobes. (My proposal drew a 50,000-watt interview with KDKA's Mike Pintek, was picked up by the great Muslim truther site AscertainTheTruth, and was recently honored as "the most obnoxious thing on the internet" by 9/11-truth-hater Matt Taibbi.)

Is it okay to be brash, entertaining, provocative, and even a little self-consciously obnoxious in pursuit of 9/11 truth? Or do we all have to be paranoid, humorless dweebs like Jim and Victronix?

Tune in Tuesday and find out...

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