WTC Demolition Debate Continues: Bring on the Engineers!

th Jihad Radio Sat. 11/13/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

My previous two shows featured physics professor Denis Rancourt and chemistry professor Niels Harrit offering opposing views about what destroyed the Twin Towers. But what do physicists and chemists know? ; - ) Today I'll be talking to the real experts on how buildings stand and fall: engineers.

First hour: Tony Szamboti, author of the peer-reviewed Journal of 9/11 Studies paper "The Sustainability of the Controlled Demolition Hypothesis for the Destruction of the Twin Towers" will be offering his critique of Tuesday's Harrit-Rancourt debate and his reasons why the Towers must have been demolished with explosives. Tony Szamboti is a Mechanical Design Engineer with over 20 years experience in the Aerospace and Communications industries, responsible for designing a large variety of structures required to perform in dynamic environments. He is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Second hour: Dwain Deets, former NASA Director of Aerospace Projects. Dwain Deets has given powerpoint presentations on behalf of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth detailing the reasons why the three WTC skyscrapers must have been destroyed in controlled demolitions. He has spoken out on the extremely problematic speeds reported for the aircraft that struck the Twin Towers, calling this issue "the elephant in the living room." He has also endorsed the research of Citizen Investigation Team showing that the government's version of the Pentagon attack is a hoax, and that in all probability a large aircraft flew over the Pentagon at the moment of a carefully timed explosion. Deets' endorsement of CIT, like that of Barrie Zwicker, was censored by the increasingly controversial 9/11 truth website 911blogger, leading Deets to participate in the development of a brand-new alternative 9/11 news site,

Dwain Deets' background:

MS Physics, MS Eng
Former Director, Aerospace Projects, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Served as Director, Research Engineering Division at Dryden
Recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Award
Presidential Meritorious Rank Award in the Senior Executive Service (1988)
Selected presenter of the Wright Brothers Lectureship in Aeronautics
Associate Fellow - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
Included in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" 1993 - 2000
Former Chairman of the Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems
- Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers
Former Member, AIAA Committee on Society and Aerospace Technology
37 year NASA career

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