Does Islam Discriminate in Favor of Women?

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Abdul Rahman Mojahed, author of Superior Woman, Inferior Man in Islam argues that the fair sex gets more than a fair deal in Islam - it's the men who ought to be complaining ; - )

Does this partly explain why women are converting to Islam even faster than men?

If you're thinking of marrying a Muslima, insist on full disclosure concerning rights and responsibilities. Here's what she may tell you: "First, you're going to have to give me a mahr - a bridal gift, a.k.a. dowry. In our middle-class social circles a mere $10,000 or $20,000 should suffice. Then you'll need to put on a wedding that lasts for a week and feeds most of the city - that's another 30 or 40 k. Once we're married, you will be expected to support me and our children in the style to which we are accustomed. I will have the right to work and to earn or inherit as much of my own money as I want, but I won't be obliged to pay a penny to support the household - you'll have to do that. If I choose not to work - and frankly, I would rather hang out with my friends, and do some cooking and housework, than slave away in an office or at Wal-Mart - I have the right to stay home and be taken care of. As a Muslim man, you will be expected to lower your gaze and not look at other women. You'll have to serve me, protect me, and treat me kindly and lovingly at all times. You'll have to run to the store whenever I ask you, and --"

"Wait a minute, habibati! What's in this for us guys?"

"Under Islam, you are absolutely prohibited from even looking - much less enjoying - unless you are married."

"Uh...okay, let's hurry up and set that wedding date!"

Does this sound like a system that benefits men and oppresses women?! So how come Westerners have it backward?

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