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First hour: Four Arrows. Four Arrows (Don Jacobs)
was supposed to be my first-hour guest on Monday, but was stuck on a slow bus back from Mexico and couldn't make it.

Four Arrows teaches at Fielding Graduate University. He is the co-author with Jim Fetzer of American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone, which has just been made into a great new movie that you can watch free courtesy of Snowshoe Films.

Books. by American Indian/Irish author Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs- a sampling of anti-establishment "wake-up" calls:

Physical Fitness for Firefighters (1976)- fought by city governments, lawyers and medical profession
Happy Exercise (A Children's book) 1981- taken off the market when Runner's World corporate clients complained about the message that TV ads were harmful to children
Patient Communication for First Responders 1988 – Remaindered suddenly after Prentice-Hall published because of legal concerns it should only be for licensed Mds
Primal Awareness- about U.S. Involvement in drug trade in Mexico
The Bum's Rush: The Selling of Environmental Backlash - deconstructing anti-environmental propaganda of Rush Limbaugh- not allowed in many universities –needed to self publish
Chapters in Education as Enforcement: The Corporatization and Militarization of Schooling
Chapter in The Hidden History of 9/11- Elssevier- not one mainstream review
The Authentic Dissertation- non-Western thinking finally bumping into the academic ivory tower
Critical Neurophilosophy and Indigenous Wisdom- challenging neuroscience and its western filters
Differing Worldviews a book Alice Walker says "I'm in bed with the devil" about….

It turns out that Four Arrows and I have something in common: We were both hounded out of academic jobs due to our support for 9/11 truth (and in his case, the truth about Wellstone's death). In fact, the level of harassment Four Arrows experienced not only drove him out of a job at Northern Arizona University, but out of the country!

2nd hour: Four Arrows may or may not stick around for a conversation with Rolf Lindgren about the late great Ed Thompson, the Ron Paul campaign, ZoMBies, and more!

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