Rick Holmes on Tarek Mehanna; Adrian Salbuchi on TJ Radio today

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Tarek "the neocon fascists are coming" Mehanna: His words are banned in Boston!

First hour: Rick Holmes, author of Incapacitating Tarek Mehanna. Tarek Mehanna was recently sentenced to 17 years in prison for verbally opposing the US-sponsored genocide of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. (Check out the blog on news from his trial.) My own primal scream to the judge about the 17-year sentence got me in hot water with federal agencies and my wife.

Second hour: Argentine anti-globalization activist Adrian Salbuchi. His recent articles discuss Summit of the Americas ("Let Cuba In!"), oil company privatization vs. nationalization, and the Moscow April Fools' Day skyscraper fire (in which the skyscraper for some reason did not explode into talcum powder at free-fall acceleration) among other hot topics. He is a regular guest on Russia Today, Press TV, and other global broadcast outlets.  He was scheduled for my show on Monday but couldn't make it due to a power-down and internet outage in Argentina.

Salbuchi, though a non-native speaker, is one of the best commentators working in English. Like Nabokov and Conrad, he deploys the English language better than the natives...and gets just about everything right in the process.