Freedom fighters Timothy Smith & Martin Hill join Truth Jihad Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 5/18/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Tim Smith
First hour: Timothy Smith is a former US Army Intelligence Officer who was horrified by the post-9/11 shredding of the Constitution. He established the Bill of Rights Defense Committee office in Tacoma, Washington in 2002, where has been fighting the ominous "fusion centers" and "detention centers" springing up in the Tacoma area. He currently serves as National Vice President for the Board of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee where people should donate, volunteer, or submit their writings.  His website is

Second hour: Martin Hill of discusses creepy pro-vaccine billboards littering our nation's highways; anti-Israel candidates for public office; and other topics.  Martin is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured on, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, National Motorists Association, WorldNetDaily, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI 640, The Press Enterprise,,, FreedomsPhoenix, Rense, BlackBoxVoting, and many others.
You can't miss Martin's house!