Professor Lori Handrahan: Does "Franklin Scandal" pedophile ring still run the USA?

Dr. Lori Handrah
Fri. 9/14/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.)

Dr. Lori Handrahan (Ph.D. London School of Economics) has reluctantly become an expert in the interrelated issues of human trafficking, pornography, and the pedophilia rings that, according to Nick Bryant's research, reach the highest levels of power in the USA...and have almost complete blanket-impunity for the most atrocious crimes imaginable.

I say "reluctantly" because Dr. Handrahan, like so many of us, just didn't want to believe this stuff...until she was finally forced to by horrific events she has personally experienced. Dr. Handrahan, like everyone else who has gone up against the elite pedophiles, has been subjected to a massive smear campaign - presumably orchestrated by those in thrall to the guilty parties. After looking at both sides of the story carefully, I'm convinced that she's telling the truth as she sees it...and that her darkest suspicions unfortunately seem to be borne out by the overall evidence.

Dr. Handrahan is the author of "The Justice Department's Child Porn Problem"Secret Service scandal reveals Obama's leadership deficit, and other widely-read mainstream media articles on this painful but critically important subject. American University has recognized her work on protecting war zone children.

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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Lori will explain how this brand-new story is tied to her own case: 
Boston doctor charged with receiving child porn

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