Ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi on "Why I Dislike Israel," Ken Jenkins on "why I dislike carniverous martian plesiosaurs"

Wed.  10/10/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Philip Giraldi's new article "Why I Dislike Israel" has gone viral. It begins:

Philip Giraldi
"Even those pundits who seem to want to distance U.S. foreign policy from Tel Aviv’s demands and begin treating Israel like any other country sometimes feel compelled to make excuses and apologies before getting down to the nitty-gritty. The self-lacerating prologues generally describe how much the writer really has a lot of Jewish friends and how he or she thinks Israelis are great people and that Israel is a wonderful country before launching into what is usually a fairly mild critique.

"Well, I don’t feel that way. I don’t like Israel very much. Whether or not I have Jewish friends does not define how I see Israel and is irrelevant to the argument. And as for the Israelis, when I was a CIA officer overseas, I certainly encountered many of them. Some were fine people and some were not so fine, just like the general run of people everywhere else in the world. But even the existence of good upstanding Israelis doesn’t alter the fact that the governments that they have elected are essentially part of a long-running criminal enterprise..."

Ken Jenkins
Second hour: Video producer and electrical engineer Ken Jenkins, a 9/11 truth pioneer, has developed a reputation as one of our leading experts on the psychology and communications of 9/11 truth. We will discuss cognitive infiltration and disinformation in general, and the strange case of "9/11 truth judge" Alfred Webre sabotaging the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings by introducing tales of time travel and Obama teleporting to mars to be chased by carniverous martian plesiosaurs.

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