"Romney Exposed": Fetzer, Duff, & filmmaker John Hankey

Will Jim Fetzer actually vote for Obama, the "drone serial killer" ?
Maybe so, considering the alternative.

Wed.  10/17/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Jesse Ventura says, "Don't vote for Democrats or Republicans - the lesser evil is still evil!" Paul Craig Roberts agrees - check out his essay "Don’t Vote For Evil. A Case for Abstention in the US Presidential Election."

My three guests today aren't so sure about that. They say Mitt Romney is a 100%-owned-and-operated subsidiary of the 9/11 perpetrators: The Israeli-extremist neocons and the Bush crime family. If Romney wins, those factions will squash everyone else and take the US into a much more intense variety of fascism. Another, bigger 9/11 would make that easy for them.

Obama may be a terrible disappointment and even a traitor to the Constitution, but his announced plans for winding down the 9/11 wars and cutting $2 trillion from the military budget (compared to Romney) suggest that the kind of fascism we would experience under a second Obama term would be "friendly fascism" compared to what we would get under Romney, the neocons, and the Bush crime family. Specifically, they say, Obama almost certainly won't take us to war with Iran and risk World War III; while Romney almost certainly will do exactly that. (The real issue here, of course, is not the candidates themselves, but which factions they're fronting for.)

That, at least, is the perspective of my guests. To get a sense of my own feelings about this, listen to my rant at the end of yesterday's show with Bob Reuschlein.

Will Gordon Duff vote for "the drone serial killer" and say
"Hey, it beats World War III" ?

First hour: Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Gordon Duff of Veterans Today offer their reactions to the presidential election in general, and last night's debate in particular. Did Obama expose Romney's lies? (At least some of the smaller ones?)

Second hour: John Hankey's video Romney Exposed has gone viral! Hankey, a leading expert on the Bush Crime Family, assembles the evidence that Romney's company Bain Capital was a front for the Bush Crime Family's drug smuggling and money laundering.
John Hankey's films "Dark Legacy" and "The Murder of JFK Jr."
expose the Bush Crime Family

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