Interfaith dialogue with Pastor Eli James; Gordon Duff on "decapitation" coup plot

Wed.  11/28/12, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) 

First hour: Pastor Eli James of has some ideas that strike me as...well...downright bizarre. He's "dedicated to the awakening of the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Caucasian peoples as the true and only descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel." From where I sit, that sounds almost as crazy as sending Jews halfway around the world to commit genocide in Palestine. In both cases, it sounds like somebody's crazy enough to imagine that God is a racist. In fact, God has repeatedly assured us that the only meaningful distinction between people is their INDIVIDUAL level of good works and piety. That's one of the functions of Qur'an - to correct the tribalist/racist misunderstandings and distortions lingering in the slightly-human-contaminated prior scriptures.  Right, Eli? (Tune in and hear his response.)

Second hour: Gordon Duff says there's a coup plot afoot to "decapitate" the US:

"There is, currently, within the US military, the Executive branch of government and among extremist 'power brokers' in America an active plot to 'alter' America’s form of government through 'decapitation.'

"Let me be clear. Where the memo, printed in full below, refers to 'violent,' it means 'assassination' of many top leaders in America including but not limited to the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and others.

"The plot makes use of the resources of major private defense contractors and their intelligence and special operations personnel. There has been active recruiting that has been noted and is why the memo was released and why many members of the military have been subjected to investigation.
"The Benghazi attack was planned and financed by this group..." 

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