"Zero percent BS" with Stephen Lendman & Gordon Duff sitting in for Eric Walberg

Fri.  11/9/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Since I've had a few complaints about Wednesday's guest Gordon "40% BS" Duff (see the comments on Wednesday's radio blog entry), I'll appease the angry mob today by bringing on two of my favorite subdued, careful, fact-checking, palpably sincere author-journalists - Stephen Lendman and Eric Walberg.  [UPDATE: Eric Walberg couldn't make it, so Gordon Duff joined us for the second hour to deny the "40% BS" story, reveal as much truth as he could about the Petraeus resignation without getting us all killed, and assert that the pro-Netanyahu forces, routed by Veterans Today-connected spooks, are behaving like rabid cornered rats...]

First hour: Stephen Lendman, like me, works in both the written article AND alternative radio formats. Unfortunately, his show was knocked off the internet airwaves by Hurricane Sandy, and hasn't come back yet. So Steve will not only be guesting here today, he'll also guest-host my No Lies Radio show on Tuesday. His recent articles include an exposé of that Israeli propaganda rag,  the New York Times as well as perceptive commentaries on the US "elections."

Second hour: Update: Eric Walberg, author of Postmodern Imperialism, couldn't make it today and will be rescheduled. Eric has new articles out on Iran vs the Empire: Fighting dollarization and Robert Wright "Nonzero: the logic of human destiny" "The evolution of God".

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