Alan Hart bashes holocaust denial, John Hanke says "all mainstream history is a fraud"

Fri. 2/15/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

I'm back from Iran, and Truth Jihad Radio is returning..with a vengeance!

First hour: Middle East expert Alan Hart kicked a hornet's nest with his "WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial" and other recent articles on the same subject. Alan is ticked off about the angry anti-Jewish comments - some of them clearly offensive - that litter his posts at Veterans Today. I see his point...but I don't agree with him that holocaust revisionists need a psychiatric diagnosis. It's the people (on all sides) who call names rather than arguing with facts and reason who should be diagnosed. And all of the holocaust revisionists I've met, including Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, Mark Weber, and all of the dozens of Muslim academicians with whom I've discussed the subject, argue far more factually and reasonably than do such defenders of holocaust orthodoxy as Michael Shermer and Deborah Lipstadt.

Second hour: John Hanke, unlike Alan Hart, says "everything you know is wrong" (including the official holocaust narrative). A high school history teacher, researcher, and filmmaker, John says our history books are fraudulent from start to finish. We'll discuss the possible real reasons for the Pope's bizarre resignation, among other subjects.

John writes:

I found one section of your story on the pope chillingly reasonable.  "Are the Knights of Malta and their Israeli friends about to ramp up the clash of civilizations? Are they going to nuke an American city and blame it on Iran? Are they planning some other dastardly act that Benedict couldn’t stomach?"

In 1997, the head of the Rothschild Klan "killed himself" by hanging himself with his bathrobe sash from a towel rack in his bathroom.  The rack was pulled from the wall.  I think he must have disapproved the plan for 9-11.  Such events not only take out the objector, but they send a message to any other would-be objector "we can take out ANYBODY"!  All the more scarey when one ponders what a nazi like Razinger could object to.

On the other hand (this from my wife), the cardinal of Los Angeles was handed his head last week for his role in covering up child abuse.  Ratzinger, before he became pope, was in charge of the papal office on child abuse.  The L.A. diocese is getting ready to hand over all their unredacted paper work on the issue.  Big deal.  And Cardinal Mahoney had to be axed before they released it.  Ratzinger's name IS on any communications with Rome.  Maybe those documents are about to be released. 


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