William Engdahl on The Fracked-Up USA shale gas bubble, Vera Blake on "Muslim convert" false-flag patsy James Holmes

Mon.  3/25/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) Call-in: 218-339-8525
First hour: Author William Engdahl is one of the world's leading experts on energy/currency geopolitics and the New World Order.  His new article The Fracked-Up USA shale gas bubble begins:

At a time when much of the world is looking with a mix of envy and excitement at the recent boom in USA unconventional gas from shale rock, when countries from China to Poland to France to the UK are beginning to launch their own ventures into unconventional shale gas extraction, hoping it is the cure for their energy woes, the US shale boom is revealing itself to have been a gigantic hyped confidence bubble that is already beginning to deflate. Carpe diem!

"I converted to Islam at the (post-hypnotic) suggestion of my hypnotherapist"
Second hour: The pseudonymous "Vera Blake" recently authored an excellent, detailed article on the evidence that James Holmes was no "lone nut Batman shooter."  Now we're told that Holmes has "converted to Islam in order to re-define his shooting spree as jihad."  Yeah, RIGHT! That's about as plausible as "we threw Osama's body in the ocean according to Islamic burial custom."  If this doesn't prove Holmes was a mind-controlled patsy run by the same creeps who orchestrated 9/11 to launch the global war on Islam...well, what else possibly could?

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