Four Arrows on "Teaching Truly," We Are Change activist Eric Sayward on "Free Hugs"

Mon.  5/13/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)
First hour: Four Arrows (Don Trent Jacobs), an education professor at Fielding Graduate University, has a new book out: Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education. It has garnered rave reviews from Noam Chomsky, Thom Hartmann, and Bill McKibben among others.
   Four Arrows is a contributor to The Hidden History of 9/11 and co-author (with Jim Fetzer) of American Assassination: The Strange Death of Sen. Paul Wellstone. He revealed on my radio show a few years ago that Sen. Barbara Boxer endorsed his view of the Wellstone assassination, stating that the senator's murder was "a message to us all." Four Arrows is also the author of one of the first peer-reviewed social science articles arguing for 9/11 truth: "The Silence of Education on 9/11."

Second hour: Eric Sayward of We Are Change-Wisconsin is one of the pioneers of WAC's brand of political activism: Do something slightly transgressive, film it, and post it on the internet. But now, instead of asking politicians and celebrities embarrassing questions about 9/11, Eric and his friends are giving away free hugs.
   Carl Schmidt and Leo Strauss taught the neocons that politics is the art and science of mass hatred. Can We Are Change defeat them with the anti-politics of mass love? Tune in and find out...

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