British journalist Yvonne Ridley: Does power make people crazy?

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It will be publicly broadcast Tuesday, July 23rd, 11 to noon Central, (archived here).

Guest: World-famous journalist Yvonne Ridley!

Undoubtedly the best-known Muslim journalist working in English, Yvonne Ridley has written for several of the biggest British publications, as well as al-Jazeera and Press TV. She is also an accomplished documentary filmmaker and one of Europe's best known Muslim human-rights activists. Her books include In the Hands of the Taliban, Ticket to Paradise, and God Made Me!: Who Made You?

Yvonne rocketed to fame when she was captured by the Taliban on the eve of the US invasion of Afghanistan, then apparently targeted for a false-flag operation by US forces, who wanted to kill her and blame it on the Taliban.

After surviving the false-flag plot, Yvonne kept a promise to her captors to read the Qur'an - and she was amazed at what she found. She came to Islam in 2003, and has been a leading Muslim human rights activist and engagée journalist ever since.

In this interview, we touch on many current hot issues - Egypt, Syria, Snowden and the surveillance state, and much more. In the second half of the interview, Yvonne wonders - and I do too - whether power makes people crazy.

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