Andre Vltchek's post-mortems on Egypt & Indonesia disasters

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battles on the 4th
Battleground Egypt: Andre Vltchek photographs street fighting in Cairo

Andre Vltchek, co-author with Noam Chomsky of Western Terrorism, discusses the disastrous situations in Egypt and Indonesia. Andre recently spent time in Egypt, where he was horrified to see the country turning into a blood-drenched fascist hellhole under the tyranny of Gen. al-Sisi, Egypt's answer to Pinochet.

Just days ago Andre left Egypt for Indonesia, where he is currently documenting the destruction wrought by decades of imperialism following the 1965 US-imposed genocide (or "intellicide") - the CIA-directed torture-murder of roughly one million of Indonesia's most educated people.

Andre tells us that in 1965, little Barack Obama was living in Indonesia with his stepfather, a CIA-trained stooge who was helping perpetrate the Indonesian holocaust. Today, looking back on that period, Obama says he has happy memories of his time growing up under the authority of a man who was helping perpetrate one of the worst atrocities ever recorded. It is a testament to the mind-boggling ignorance of the American people that hardly anyone knows anything about what US taxpayer dollars did to Indonesia in 1965...even though the current President of the US was there, growing up in the household of a genocide perpetrator!


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