Gordon Duff on our demon-haunted world

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Guest: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, whose new article How Syria Unlocked America’s Dark Closet ties together:

* Syrian chemical weapons deception
*Mossad asset Christiane Amanpour's search for the Syrian Chalabi
*the 9/11 plan to "overthrow seven governments and set up dictatorships under the combined control of the Bush family and Zionist interests"
*the proclivity of that family and those interests for sex with and/or murder of kidnapped children
*the ties of that family and those interests with America's satanist community and its leader, Col. Michael Aquino
*the merger of satanism and dispensationalism
*the theft of nuclear weapons by this group
*its bioweapons programs "massive in scale, programs capable of reducing continents, obliterating entire races, of devastating species."

In this interview, Gordon elaborates on his article, and describes his first-hand experience with the Franklin pedophilia Scandal while working for the "Post Office." He also describes a "cosmic" security briefing excusing the supposedly harmless inter-dimensional entities that infest the satanic-dispensationalist crowd and related groups. These "harmless" parasitic entities help their hosts achieve power, then bring about the suffering they feed on. Time to call in a cosmic exterminator?

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