Zionism & Jewishness: Henry Herskovitz asks the hard questions

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Henry Herskovitz of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends (JWPF), a long-time pro-Palestine activist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, isn't afraid of asking the hard questions...and confronting censorship from within the Palestinian solidarity movement. He describes a recent encounter with the censors:

A handful of JWPF members joined about 150 others at the University of  Michigan's Dearborn campus last Monday to listen to speakers Josh  Ruebner, Ben White, and Susan Abulhawa avoid the topics we listed in last week's report  :  1. The legitimacy of the Jewish state 2. Jewish Identity Politics 3. Influence of Jewish Power on US policy 4. Whether or not each speaker recognizes Israel's "right" to exist as a Jewish state.

Naturally the only way to ask any of these "million dollar questions" was to circumvent the rigged Q&A and just blurt them out. For the full story, read Henry's account at the Deir Yassin Remembered blog, and listen to this show.

And let's throw in a shout-out to Gilad Atzmon - check out his appearance on Ken O'Keefe's new TV show - whose heroic efforts on behalf of free thought are an inspiration to Henry & me along with so many others.

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