Massimo Mazzucco on his new film "September 11 - the New Pearl Harbor"

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Guest: Filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco, whose film "September 11 - the New Pearl Harbor" (released last November) is the best and most comprehensive documentary on the 9/11 coup d'├ętat. The film opens by looking at the many parallels between 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, systematically refutes the leading attempts by "debunkers" to patch up the official story, and marshals a strong selection of the best evidence that should convince anyone with two or more firing synapses that 9/11 was not just an inside job, but an utterly transparent and obvious one. Though Mazzucco's film is primarily designed to convince the as-yet-unconverted, even those who have been working on this issue for years will probably encounter new material. The high production values, careful research, and wide-ranging approach put this film in a class of its own.

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