Anti-truth flack Jonathan Kay (Cass Sunstein chickened out)

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I wrote to Cass Sunstein a few days ago inviting him to cognitively infiltrate my radio show. Unfortunately Cass is too busy being grilled by 9/11 truth-seekers at book signings. So we'll just have to make do with an equally dubious anti-9/11-truth author, Jonathan Kay.


This interview, dating from July 2011, was my second with Jonathan Kay. (You can listen to the first, somewhat friendlier interview, conducted before his horrible book came out, here.)

Kay’s book is a rambling ad-hominem attack against the 9/11 truth movement in general, and selected 9/11 truth luminaries in particular. I have the pleasure of reporting that I am tied with Ken Jenkins, only slightly behind Mike Ruppert, and just barely ahead of David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage, as the most-discussed 9/11 truth leader in Kay’s book.***  I think I am safe in calling myself the most intensively vilified (indeed the most egregiously libeled) of the book’s cast of characters.

I am tempted to say that Kay deserves consideration for the Larry Silverstein Chutzpah Award — for telling so many stinking lies about me, and then having the unmitigated audacity to come on my radio show ; – )

* * * According to the index, Kay devotes fourteen pages to Ruppert, twelve pages to me, twelve to Ken Jenkins, eleven to Richard Gage, ten to David Ray Griffin. 

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