Tony Szamboti on new WTC-7 legal action with Atty. William Pepper

Friday 4/4 - Listen live - 5 to 7 pm Central on Revolution Radio:  To be rebroadcast Saturday April 5th 11 to 12:45 pm Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot.

Guests: Mechanical Engineer Tony Szamboti discusses attorney William Pepper's letter to Inspector General Todd Zinser asking the I.G. to correct the record about World Trade Center Building 7. Excerpt:

"It was only some years after the issuance of the NIST Report that drawings were released, in response to a FOIA request, revealing that critical structural features in Building 7 were inexplicably missing from consideration in the Report. These critical features included stiffeners, that provided critical girder support, as well as lateral support beams which supported a beam which allegedly buckled. Only through the omission of any discussion about the stiffeners and the lateral support beams is NIST’s probable collapse sequence possible. With the inclusion of these critical features, NIST’s probable collapse sequence must be ruled out unambiguously. It is the unanimous opinion of the structural engineers who have carefully studied this matter that an independent engineering enquiry would swiftly reach the same conclusion."

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