Dave McGowan: Was 60's rock music one big psy-op?

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Zappa lived at the exact center of Laurel Canyon. Was it all a big psy-op?

Dave McGowan, author of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippy Dream says the brown acid circulating around the 60's musical counterculture was not, specifically, too good.

We know that that the Gulf of Tonkin attack on Admiral George Stephen Morrison's ships was a false flag. But what about his son Jim's musical career? Why did so many of the biggest names in 60s rock come from career military families? Why did they congregate in Laurel Canyon, site of so many serial murders, celebrity slayings, and apparent human sacrifices?  Was the mind-control-dedicated Tavistock Institute's Laurel Canyon facility pulling the strings? Is it all part of an Illuminati plot to degrade American culture in service to a world takeover scheme? Or were they just trying to neuter the peace movement by drenching it in bad acid?  Let's ask Dave McGowan, who spent more than five years contemplating such questions!

Dave McGowan's other books include Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder and Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion.

Jim Fetzer will also join us during the second hour to discuss his trip to Newtown, CT where he and Wolfgang Halbig appeared at the School Board Meeting to raise questions about the Sandy Hook school incident.

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