Chuck Carlson: "Christian Zionism" is genocide-idolatry

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Charles E. Carlson of We Hold These Truths is one of America's leading Christian critics of Zionism - especially "Christian Zionism," which worships genocide as its idol. In this interview we discuss how the "Christian Zionist" scam was created by con man and small-time criminal Cyrus Scofield - who was almost certainly the front man for satanic Zionist Crime Syndicate kingpin Samuel Untermeyer. Far from being a fringe cult, Christian Zionism has brainwashed roughly 50 million Americans - which is about how many votes it takes to win a presidential election. Fortunately a growing resistance movement within American churches is deprogramming an ever-growing number of former worshipers of the Zionist entity...and Chuck Carlson is in the forefront of that movement.

Chuck is a former Baptist Deacon and current organizer of We Hold These Truths and Project Strait Gate.

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