Heated arguments about Palestine w/Rolf Lindgren, Jeff Sawin and a Zionist caller

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Don't know about you, but I'm sick of Israel killing and maiming Palestinian children with illegal weapons including DIME (dense inert metal explosives) as well as plain old bombs. According to the Electronic Intifada:

"DIME munitions were developed by the US Air Force in 2006 and have since been tested repeatedly on the people of Gaza, who have long served as involuntary lab rats for Israel’s weapons industry.
DIME bombs contain tungsten, a cancer-causing metal that helps to produce incredibly destructive blasts which slice through flesh and bone, often decapitating the lower limbs of people within the blast radius."

So I'm venting on people who "just don't get it" about Palestine.

First half: Arguing about Palestine with Rolf Lindgren, who defends Rand Paul's genocidal anti-Palestine rhetoric as a clever campaign strategem.

Second half: Extract from my appearance as a guest on the Jeff Sawin show. Jeff is about as good as mainstream hosts get. Don't miss my heated argument with a Zionist call-in!

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