James Perloff on 75th anniversary of WWII, Adam Syed on 9/11 truth movement

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James is the one on the left
James Perloff, bestselling author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, writes: "Monday, September 1st, will mark the 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War II.  Would you like to do a show addressing the war from a revisionist perspective?  As current American foreign policy seems possibly aimed at generating World War III, this topic seems especially appropriate."

I agree. I am not a holocaust revisionist - I'm much worse than that! I'm a World War II revisionist: I want to annihilate the whole sickening myth of the "greatest generation" fighting a just war of good against evil. In reality, both sides were utterly evil - the war was about power, not justice - and the Allied atrocities taken together were as bad as the German ones. (OK, if you throw in Japanese atrocities, the axis side may have been slightly worse overall...but SO WHAT.)

Were both World Wars fought to make the world safe for the Rothschild banksters and their emerging New World Order? Tune in and listen to James Perloff's revisionist view of 20th century history.

Adam Syed is a professional musician and 9/11 truth activist
During the second hour Adam Syed will continue the conversation from last week's show with avionics expert Dennis Cimino and engineer Wayne Coste about whether Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and the truth movement in general, should spend more time pointing out the absurdity of the official story about what happened to the Pentagon. (Adam has written a critical review of Kevin Ryan's book Another 19.)

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