Ian Henshall: Are "nonviolent conspiracy extremists" as bad as ISIS?

Broadcast October 13th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on NoLiesRadio.org, archived here. Note: TruthJihad.com subscribers can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast - and also get free downloads! If you are a subscriber, just log in to the members area of TruthJihad.com and go to the "Private Blog" to get early access to the shows. 

UK Prime Minister David Cameron says "nonviolent extremists" - like 9/11 truthers - are as bad as ISIS. Ian Henshall, author of 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence and 9/11 Revealed: The Unanswered Questions thinks those seemingly idiotic words were carefully crafted - and that they may have signaled a coming wave of repression against internet freedom and truth-telling.

In this interview we also discuss the ISIS deception, Western lies about Ukraine, the international banksters behind World War I and World War II, and other things David Cameron doesn't want you to know about.

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