Gen. Daniel Bolger: Why We Lost the 9/11 Wars

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"I am a United States Army General, and I lost the Global War on Terrorism." So begins Why We Lost, Gen. Daniel P. Bolger's powerful, painful account of what went wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan. (I will be reviewing the book soon - keep an eye on my Veterans Today column.) Though Gen. Bolger apologizes on behalf of himself and his colleagues for "poor strategic and operational leadership," the real problem was that the whole nation-building mission was misguided at best, insane at worst. Most of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan did not (and do not) want to live under foreign occupation. So the Afghan and Iraqi people quickly became "the enemy."

Gen. Bolger and I engage in a refreshingly frank exchange of views. (I don't think he hears my take on 9/11 and Zionism from many corporate media interviewers - just as I haven't heard his painfully honest assessment of the 9/11-wars debacle from many high-level American leaders.)

Toward the end of this interview, I inform Gen. Bolger that 80% of the world's Muslims, including myself, believe 9/11 was a big lie and a false flag event and ask: Don't we need to have an investigation to clear up the lingering doubts? He responds that yes, we need to have public hearings where those who launched and prosecuted the wars are forced to answer the kinds of questions I've been asking him.

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