Peter Myers: No use denying - Hitler WAS a racist scumbag!

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Everywhere in the Western world, little sheeple are trained to recite: "Jews good, Hitler baaaaaah-aaaaad!" Like the sacrality of the incomparable and ineffable Holocaust, this simple equation cannot be denied. At least not if you ever want to work in this hemisphere again. Yet today, as more and more people take the red pill and awaken from the Matrix, a few of them react to the obvious shortcomings of orthodoxy by clinging to a counter-orthodoxy: "Jews baaaaaah-aaaaad, Hitler good!"

Peter Myers thinks that's even dumber than the orthodox position it's reacting against. Not only that, but it damages the credibility of the anti-NWO movement. Throwing down the gauntlet against "the Nazis in our midst," Peter says: Hitler WAS a racist, genocidal scumbag, and I can prove it! 

In this interview Peter discusses Hitler's well-documented intention to commit genocide against Slavs; Hitler's alliance with the international banksters against monetary reformers culminating in the Night of the Long Knives; Hitler sympathizer Frederick Toben's alliance with the Jewish-Zionist lobby in its assault on free speech in Australia; and more!

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