Morgan Reynolds is looking for an argument!

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Dr. Morgan Reynolds, Bush II's top Labor Dept. economist, resigned, exposed the 9/11 inside job, and said his former bosses had  "blown the Towers to kingdom come"
Morgan Reynolds is looking for an argument - i.e. a "connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition" that some combination of nanothermite, conventional explosives and/or mini-nukes could account for all of the damage recorded at and around the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. Anyone presenting such arguments to Morgan, as David Griscom and Jim Fetzer recently have done, is sure to get acerbically slapped down. Morgan is convinced Judy Wood's hypothesis - that some sort of Tesla/Hutchison style directed energy weapon was involved - is the best explanation. And don't even get him started on the planes vs. no-planes debate!

Is Morgan some sort of disinformation-spewing Sunsteinian stooge tasked with stirring up dissension and discrediting the 9/11 truth movement? Or might he be sincereā€¦or even (gasp!) right? Tune in and decide for yourself.

PS You may wish to compare Morgan's views with those of last week's guest Dr. Ibrahim Soudy, who is calling for 9/11 truth supporters to keep the discussion friendly and collegial.

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