Tom Breidenbach on IX XI (poems on 9/11 ritual sacrifice)

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Tom Breidenbach says the 9/11 false flag was designed to imprison us deep inside three Chinese boxes of terror: First we have to overcome our shock and awe at the apparent attack by foreign terrorists. Next we realize it was a geo-strategic false flag by insiders - which is even more terrifying - and then have to overcome THAT fear. Finally, must overcome the third and final level of fear - the primal terror inspired by our horrifying deep-seated recognition of the esoteric dimension of 9/11 as ritual human sacrifice.

Tom has just published a new book of 9/11-related poems entitled The Wicked Child / IX-XI. If you read these poems and follow the ritualistic-mythological references, you will learn something about how the kabbalists, freemasons, dark shamans, satanists, illuminati or whoever they are have been staging mythic human sacrifice events since time immemorial.

Bio: Tom Breidenbach's poems and art writings have appeared in many journals and anthologies. His collaborations with Nathan Kernan appear in Saints of Hysteria: A Half-Century of American Collaborative Poetry,  and his book of poems,  The Double Whammy,  was published by Didymus Press,  with woodcuts by Donald Baechler. He teaches at Pace University and lives in Brooklyn.

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