Top False Flag stories of 2014?

As co-hosts of False Flag Weekly News, Jim Fetzer and I reported more than 1,000 stories in 2014. 

But which ones were the biggest stories of the year?

Below are my nominations. But I'm sure I'm leaving some out - so either leave a comment here, or email me at kbarrett[at]merr[dot]com with your suggestions. Best suggestion wins a free book:
Dynamic Duo, Truth Jihad, The Wandering Who, or The Big Wedding.

Nominees for Top False Flag Stories of 2014

Malaysian tribunal finds Israel guilty of genocide, three Malaysian planes fall from the sky

Sandy Hook, Boston definitively exposed as false flags

Anti-Russia false flag ops start new Cold War

New Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter a 9/11 criminal

Gordon Duff solves 9/11 nuclear demolition

False flag "jihadi" group ISIS establishes phony caliphate

False flag Ebola scare fizzles

CIA tortured innocents to hide 9/11 false flag

Israeli false flags and 2014 Gaza genocide

Protests target killer cops: False flag race war looming?

Ottawa shootings: Canada's 9/11 inside job?

Top British leaders murdered kids; pedophilia story suppressed

WTC demolition participant murdered?

Fukushima radiation threatens life on earth

Zionists target al-Aqsa mosque

War on Iran off the table, nuclear deal progresses

Obama actually does a couple of good things (net neutrality, Cuba)

Israel admits USS Liberty attack was deliberate

World recognizing Palestinian statehood

New research shows JFK limo stopped for up to 30 seconds, allowing kill shot

Zionist billionaires Saban and Adelson plan to buy presidency in 2016

CIA fails to kill or overthrow Maduro, Roussef

Scottish independence shot down by election fraud

Congress moves toward declassifying 28 pages of 9/11 report

Richard Gage of AE911Truth broadcasts nationwide on C-Span


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