Gordon Duff: "The people in charge are WORSE than Satanists!"

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(Note: This show was not broadcast live due to technical difficulties at Revolution Radio.)

Guest: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today.

Gordon's  latest article is "Busted! Russians Catch US in Fake Bombing Campaign."

In this interview we discuss Gordon's gunsmithing; his mission to Syria and interaction with top Syrian leaders; the ridiculously fake "policeman shooting" outside the Charlie Hebdo offices last January 7th; (for full documentation of the Paris false flag read We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!); the fall of the mainstream media and the rise of Veterans Today; the terrific work of Christian ex-Islamophobe and current peacemaker Mark Siljander; whether I should keep beating the drums for 9/11 truth or instead aspire to respectability as a global affairs journalist; and the question of who really runs the world. Hint: The Zionists may be bad, but the freemasons control the Zionists, the satanists control the freemasons, and the people really in charge are WORSE than the satanists.

I wish Gordon were joking.

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