"11/13: Another French false flag?" with Evelien Gilbert

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My gone-viral article "Another French False Flag?" asks some pertinent and impertinent questions along the lines of:

Were the recent attacks in Paris scripted and storyboarded PR stunts like 9/11? Did the French Secret Service, like its American counterpart during 9/11, give the game away by failing to rush President Hollande to safety as he sat in the National Stadium during the attacks? Did the bankster deep state telegraph the attacks in advance via the Economist's 2015 issue cover, an October article in Paris Match, and perhaps other giveaways?

Evelien Gilbert, today's guest, writes:

Here are my notes so far:

*One of the shooters in the club was French and known to the police to have Islamic ties according to the Stuff website which is a collection of NZ news papers.

*According to the same article a Syrian passport was found next to one of the suicide bombers WHO BLEW HIMSELF UP in the club.

*According to the same article an Egyptian Passport was found next to another suicide bomber.

*Less then 12 hours after the attacks when the sun went down three land mark buildings had lights installed to emulate the French flag. These were the Auckland Sky tower, The Auckland Museum and the Victoria bridge in Hamilton the nearest biggish city to where I live. That is a lot of coordination in a country halfway across the world. The Opera house in Sydney also lit up in the tricolor and it seems someone in every big city in the world had the same brilliant idea. (Storyboarding at its finest) http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/74037001/Sky-Tower-glows-for-France 

*Here is a link to a Daily mail article with Hollande's "goat" moment. He is photographed the exact moment he gets the call that Paris is under attack conveniently with the date and time. No service men sprinting him to safety. All the more poignant since he is at the German-France football game which saw two suicide bombers detonate themselves outside of some 13 minutes earlier according to the same article! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3317952/The-chilling-moment-two-explosions-ring-French-football-match-suicide-bomber-detonates-explosives-outside-stadium.html?ito=social-twitter_mailonline

*Here is my first hurried post on this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3317952/The-chilling-moment-two-explosions-ring-French-football-match-suicide-bomber-detonates-explosives-outside-stadium.html What happened at the Stade around the football game where Hollande attended and which was hit by no less than three suicide bombers outside of the stadium over a period of an hour is key! That's where the storyboard got all mixed up!

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