Buddhist Studies teacher Brian Ruhe: I was fired after Zionist witch-hunt

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Arthur Topham, publisher of Radical Press, is being threatened with two years in prison for publishing politically-incorrect anti-Zionist satire. But he isn't the only Zionist witch-hunt target in British Columbia!

Brian Ruhe
Brian Ruhe writes:

"People have asked me where is my fall schedule of meditation courses. Members of a powerful Zionist organization (B'nai Brith) openly state that they contacted Capilano University and four Vancouver Community Centres in order to have me fired from teaching there. They succeeded and I am now unemployed after teaching for 17years at the Roundhouse and False Creek community centres. This is a loss for spreading Buddhist meditation and it's a financial hardship for me. I ask for your support at this time as I adjust. I have a fund raising drive on the Indeigogo website...

"I still intend to teach meditation and lead retreats privately where my employers cannot be as influenced.You can volunteer to help in organizing this too. I also want to make a change to benefit more people so I have started my own talk show on YouTube using the amazing technology of Google Hangouts on Air which makes an instant YouTube video from each interview. I want to interview great minds all over the world on spiritual and truth search themes."

See: Brian Ruhe's youtube channel

In this interview we discuss "right livelihood" in light of the fact that neocons and Zionists can get you fired simply for expressing political opinions outside of the university; the relationship between Islam and Buddhism, and between spirituality and politics; and then offer somewhat different perspectives on World War II revisionism.

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