Brandon Martinez on Charlie Hebdo anniversary false flag, Dr. John Morrow on Saudis vs. Iran

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First hour: Brandon Martinez, author of The ISIS Conspiracy and contributor to ANOTHER French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino, discusses the latest apparent false flag - staged yesterday, January 7th, the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo PR stunt. According to reports, a homeless man printed out an ISIS flag on a computer, put on a "fake suicide vest" (an old t-shirt stuffed with toilet paper?), and rushed a police station waving a knife while yelling "Allahu akbar." He was then summarily shot down. Had he been captured alive, might he have turned out to be an MK-ULTRA victim acting under Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley Jr., and others?

The likely motive for this false flag: Discredit Palestinian resistance fighters, some of whom have wielded knives against IDF & settler terrorists in a desperate effort at self-defense against genocide. Uniformed Zionist terrorists have responded by randomly throwing down knives at the feet of innocent Palestinians - including children - and then shooting them dead.  See:
Video Shows Israeli Soldier Planting Knife On Terrified Palestinian School Girl!

Second hour: Dr. John Morrow, the Islamic Studies scholar who is spearheading the Covenants Initiative to publicize Muslims' duty to protect Christians, joins us to discuss rising tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the wake of recent Saudi beheadings, including the murder of peaceful opposition activist Sheikh Nimr. See my article Saudi Head-choppers Are Worse than ISIS and my Press TV debate with Zionist flack and friend-of-Saudi-Arabia Kenneth Katzman.

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