LIVE: OSINT legends Robert David Steele and Gordon Duff

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More than 90% of the work of traditional intelligence agencies is now passé. Thanks to the internet, we are living in an open source intelligence (OSINT) world – and nobody knows that better than tonight's guests, Robert David Steele and Gordon Duff – possibly THE two biggest names in open-source intel.

First hour: Former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele has trained 66 countries in open source methods and maintains the Public Intelligence Blog. He is the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction books in 98 categories, and has a better grasp of the big picture - what's wrong with our current social and political systems and how they could be fixed - than anyone I can think of offhand. He is also a star contributor to ANOTHER French False Flag: Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino. (His discussion of how to identify false flags is by itself worth the price of the book.) Tonight, we'll be discussing his new article "Can Michael Bloomberg Win as an Independent?"

Second hour: Former "Post Office employee" and current Senior Editor of Veterans Today Gordon Duff is, like Robert David Steele, a veteran of the world of black ops and shadow warfare who has decided to try to make the world better using open-source methods. And there's little doubt that Veterans Today is the world's leading OSINT source.

Normally Gordon and I get along quite well. But tonight I chose to yell at Gordon, at least briefly, for saying stupid things about Islam. Gordon yelled back...and just wouldn't shut up, not even to listen to answers to his "questions." I almost felt like I was back in the ring with Sean Hannity...except that at least Hannity let me say three or four words before interrupting. Lively as it was, this "debate" generated more heat than light. So if you want intelligible, lucid conversation between a Muslim who believes in God and an atheist/agnostic who doesn't, check out my interview with Vincent Bugliosi.

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