Maisoon Rice on Western terrorism, Scott Bennett on Finicum funeral, Ibrahim Soudy on dumbing down of America

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First hour: British-Palestinian-Pakistani commentator Maisoon Rice discusses Zionist/Western terrorism. She riffs on the great quote pictured below.
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Second hour: Ph.D. Structural Engineer Ibrahim Soudy of emailed me: "I want to talk about the systemic destruction of the American Psyche from childhood and continuing through education." Ibrahim says that Robert Bly's book The Sibling Society explains why so many Americans can't seem to grow up, face the truth, take responsibility for their individual and collective actions.

In the middle of the second hour, former US Army Intelligence (counter-terrorism) Officer Scott Bennett called in to discuss the funeral and memorials for LaVoy Finicum held today in Utah and throughout the USA, and to give his account of what really happened to Finicum and why it matters.

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