Andre Vltchek on Brussels false flag; Eric Sayward vs. NWO

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Has Andre Vltchek, a contributor to We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo,  passed the point of no return and become...(gasp) ... a truther
First half hour: Andre Vltchek, who has worked extensively with Noam Chomsky, is joining the false flag paradigm shift. In his new article Events in Brussels Observed from a Spaceship, Andre takes a broad view of the historical context surrounding terror in Europe in general, and the suspicious events in Brussels in particular:

 "Who could overlook the terror campaign unleashed by the NATO countries during the so-called ‘Operation Gladio'? Who can forget how governments were kidnapping and murdering people, how they were blowing up entire train stations and trains, in order to point fingers at the Communists, discrediting them, blaming them for the attacks?"

We also discuss the ongoing destabilization of Lebanon, which appears to be in the Empire's cross-hairs...

Second half hour: We Are Change activist Eric Sayward, Vice-Presidential Candidate and webmaster of the under-attack, discusses the ongoing struggle against anti-truth-movement cyber-terrorism.

NOTE: After the show, Andre Vltchek told me he feels this post misrepresents his views, that his Brussels piece is "a satire, not an investigative essay" and that he still feels aligned with Chomksy and has definitely not joined the truth movement.

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