Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Randy Short: Washington DC is a cesspool of corruption – take Hillary...please!

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Dr. W. Randy Short
Randy Short

Just how corrupt is America's federal government? Let's ask a man with a front-row seat! Randy Short is based in Washington, DC and has seen how power there really operates...and it isn't pretty.

In this interview, we discuss Hillary Clinton's psychopathy; the bizarre cancers afflicting people exposed to the aftermath of the alleged plane crash at the Pentagon on 9/11 (including Randy's father, who was the Pentagon Chaplain at the time); the long series of false flags used to launch all of America's wars of the past two centuries; the USA's racial delusions and myths; the role of sexual perversion in political corruption; and much more.

Dr. Randy Short is a historian/researcher/social action minister, and the founder of the Anti-Depo Provera Coalition that aims to educate the public and demand that Congress restrict or wholly outlaw the dangerous contraceptive Depo Provera. He has taught at various colleges and universities.

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