Jonathan Revusky on "Battling the Matrix and Freeing Oneself from the Roger Rabbit Mental World"

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Jonathan Revusky
Is the mainstream media feeding us "Roger Rabbit Narratives" (RRNs) in which real elements are mixed with cartoonish fictions? Should we see Osama Bin Laden as a real person, a cartoonish Hollywood villain, or the latter superimposed on the former? Are people like Noam Chomsky who profess to believe the ludicrous cartoon versions of events like 9/11 lying, or are they just High IQ Idiots (HIQIs)? These are some of the questions Jonathan Revusky considers in his articles:

"Battling the Matrix and Freeing Oneself from the Roger Rabbit Mental World"

A Framework for Reclaiming Reality

Jonathan Revusky has been a professional poker player and a moderately successful stock market speculator. He is interested in "deep events" like 9/11 and writes occasionally for Unz Review.

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