Cynthia McKinney discusses Brexit, false flags; plus Randy Short and VA whistleblower Taref Simon

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First hour: Dr. Randy Short joins VA whistleblower Taref Simon to expose how the VA hospital in Houston, Texas was endangering the lives of patients by using contaminated water. Randy Short will also break the news – a Truth Jihad Radio exclusive – of the return of Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who has been laying low in the Middle East due to threats to his life over his exposure of US/European mercenaries who helped overthrow the Libyan government and precipitate what can be accurately described as a genocide.

Second hour: Our perennial favorite guest (and all-time favorite federal officeholder) six-term congresswoman Cynthia McKinney joins us to discuss the historic Brexit vote; false flags in light of the recent incident in Orlando; and more.

For background on Orlando, check out:

Orlando: A false flag attack on Muhammad Ali’s Islam?

And on Brexit, my viral new article:

 BREXIT victory shocks NWO – were “conspiracy theories” responsible?

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