Lynda Brayer: "Born Jewish, I moved to Israel...and finally accepted Islam"

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Today's guest Lynda Brayer writes:

"I am an Israeli qualified lawyer from the Hebrew University who went into public legal advocacy in favor of the Palestinians after having converted to Roman Catholicism here in Palestine aka Israel and founding a legal resource center under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church. My country of birth is South Africa and I was born into an orthodox Jewish family and came to Israel at nineteen – fifty one years ago ...I think it was through my reading of the school of the sophia perennis that caused the penny to drop  for me with respect to Islam, and this after an excursus through Buddhism - Zen and Tibetan – and suddenly found myself confronted – FINALLY – by the heart of the matter – Tawhid – monotheism, ONE REALITY etc. And the message of course is anthropological – how to be fully human AS creatures of Allah ta'alah. This question of being human is most certainly not a given and we see that the West has completely trashed both the notion, the understanding and the praxis required from a correct understanding of being human."

Among the topics we discuss are nominalism and the decline of the West; Jewish culture's embrace of  splitting and separation rather than unity; and the Nazi holocaust narrative. Lynda Brayer says that as a trained lawyer, she needs to see serious evidence, preferably forensic evidence, if you want to convince her that a crime has been committed, and that in this case ... well, just listen to the show!

Gilad Atzmon may be my favorite ex-Israeli, but Lynda Brayer has just become my favorite still-Israeli. Check out her article:

"Why I do not want to leave Palestine-Israel"

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