LIVE with Gordon Duff, Ian Greenhalgh of Veterans Today

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today, along with VT Editor Ian Greenhalgh, join Truth Jihad Radio to discuss:

*The persecution and suspension of Professor Anthony Hall for (under)stating the all too obvious about Israel and 9/11. This discussion takes up the last half hour of the show – for more background on Professor Hall's academic freedom struggle, see:
University of Lethbridge faculty group speaks out against prof’s suspension
Lethbridge University President Says He Can Fire Tenured Faculty at Will for No Reason 
B’nai Brith attack on Canadian professor has roots in Zionist false flag tactics 

*VT's latest 9/11 revelations from Jeff Smith and others: "Breaking: Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes"

*What's with this ludicrous, depressing election...including the deep dirt on Trump's mafia ties (see "Did Trump Kill the Kennedies?")

*Will World War III happen before or after the election;

and much more!

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