DC Dave on "Was Vince Foster's death pizzagate related?", Randy Short says Obama is crowning himself King of Black America

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Who killed James Forrestal?
First hour: DC Dave asks: "Was Vince Foster's death pizzagate related?" But first we talk about Zionist crimes including the murder of Defense Secretary James Forrestal...the topic of Dave's "Who Killed James Forrestal?" which can be read free on-line here.

Second hour: Randy Short, whose interview on Infowars today is going viral says Obama is crowning himself King of Black America. The last US ex-president who continued playing a major role in national and international affairs was Woodrow Wilson. Will Obama, who is staying in DC after leaving the White House, create an imperial ex-presidency?

If you're disappointed that this show didn't feature much about the Berlin Christmas market false flag, check out today's article:

Zio-Gladio strikes Europe! Berlin suspect, NATO auditor shot dead

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