Paul Fitzerald and Elizabeth Gould on "History of Neocon Takeover of the USA"

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First hour: Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald discuss their terrific new three-part article "The History of the Neocon Takeover of the USA."
     What precisely is neoconservatism, and how did it come to power? Most of the scholarship (Shadia Drury being a leading example) focuses on Leo Strauss and his cult followers – the hardline Zionists who seized power in the wake of the 9/11 coup d'état.
     But Gould and Fitzgerald have sketched an alternate history. Instead of Strauss, they focus on Machievellian "ex-Trotskyite" James Burnham – whose real-life example inspired the dystopian vision of George Orwell. They also name Zbigniew Brezezinski as a key neocon, arguing that this hardline Machievellian philosophy took over during the Jimmy Carter era, long before the arrival of George W. Bush.
   This is historical revisionism at its finest! (Good thing this kind of revisionism is still legal.)

Second hour: Rolf Lindgren – Republican / Libertarian activist and regular guest on mainstream talk radio here in Madison, Wisconsin – joins us to argue about history, current events, and Donald Trump. (We do get around to the firing of FBI chief James Comey, so be patient!)
     Have false flags and political assassinations falsely blamed on "lone nuts" been happening with accelerating frequency during the past two centuries – and if so, is this a sign of the decline of the West due to the corruption of its moral fabric in general, and the loss of religion in particular? And is Donald Trump going to put a stop to the madness and save Western civilization?
     Rolf and I don't always agree, but we have a good time arguing.
Will Trump end false flags and save Western civilization? Rolf thinks so. I'm not so sure.

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