767 pilot Ralph Kolstad: Government's 9/11 story is ridiculous: here's why

Tuesday 9/29, on Fair and Balanced, 9 -10 a.m. Pacific (noon - 1 pm Eastern) on http://www.noliesradio.org ... free on-demand archive here ...

Ralph Kolstad of Pilots for 9/11 Truth discusses the absurd impossibility of the claim that two incompetent, inexperienced pilots hit the World Trade Center Towers at 430 knots and 510 knots, respectively. Ralph and other experienced pilots say that 767s flown at those speeds close to sea level would be virtually impossible to control. In simulations, experienced pilots could not hit the WTC towers at anything close to those speeds. Additionally, Flight 175 (510 knots) would have been torn to pieces long before it got to 510 knots at sea level -- the equivalent airspeed of flying at Mach 1.19 (722 knots) at 22,000 feet! But not to worry, the engines could not possibly make it go that fast anyway. Ralph, who has many years' experience flying the same 767s allegedly used in the WTC attack, says the government's claim that 767s hit the Towers at those airspeeds is not just impossible, it's patently ridiculous.

These and other issues are explored in the brand-new, long-awaited Pilots for 9/11 Truth DVD 9/11: World Trade Center Attack, featuring Ralph Kolstad and other experienced Pilots.

Ralph Kolstad's resume includes:

23,000 hours
27 years in the airlines
B757/767 for 13 years mostly international captain with American Airlines
20 years US Navy flying fighters off aircraft carriers, attended TopGun twice (second time as "enemy" instructor)
civilian pilot flying gliders, light airplanes and warbirds