Jeff Gates, Ellen Brown on Truth Jihad Radio tomorrow!

Saturday, October 10th, 5-7 pm Central, AmericanFreedomRadio...

First hour: Jeff Gates, author,
Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. A former Senate Finance Committee counsel, Jeff Gates exposes the Jewish-Zionist-centered ashkenazi mob at the top of the global organized crime pyramid, both in the US (think Meyer Lansky and Larry Silverstein) and in Russia (six of the big seven organized crime bosses a.k.a. "the oligarchs" are Russian-Israeli dual citizens)...a mob that seems to have taken over U.S. foreign policy, and (in my opinion) appears to have been a key force behind the 9/11 false-flag attack. See Jeff's website, And speaking of the ashkenazi mob...NYCcan reports: "Yesterday afternoon, Justice Edward Lehner of the State Supreme Court rubberstamped Referee Louis Crespo’s recommendation that the decision to establish a local commission to investigate the events of September 11th not be put before the voters on November 3rd." (If the Italian mob was shilling for an Italian war criminal regime, and blew up 3000 Americans to launch a war against Italy's enemies, would anybody notice that the judge blocking the investigation was Italian-American?)

Second hour: Ellen Brown, author, The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free. Read Stephen Lendman's excellent summary and review here. I wonder what Ellen will say about Robert Fisk's "the world is going to dump the dollar" article.