Dave Lindorff, Webster Tarpley on Truth Jihad Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 3/27/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (to be archived here.) Call-in number: 512-879-3805.

First hour: Dave Lindorff: "Award-winning investigative reporter Dave Lindorff has been working as a journalist for 36 years. A regular columnist for CounterPunch, he also writes frequently for Extra! and Salon magazine, as well as for Businessweek, The Nation and Treasury&Risk Magazine..." More bio here.

Dave is the author of four books and countless articles and op-eds including Death to Obamacare: Kill Bill, the main subject of our conversation tonight. Dave also gets credit for breaking the story of the government lying and denying that two black boxes were found in the World Trade Center rubble (he appeared on the 9/11 episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, and has discussed the black boxes on earlier Truth Jihad Radio shows).

Second hour: Webster Tarpley asks: Is history repeating itself? On this day in history, a momentous but largely forgotten event enabled the rise of the Nazis. Tarpley says we're facing a parallel situation today: a second wave of the depression is coming, setting the stage for not just fascism lite (like Obamacare) but the real thing in full jackbooted regalia. He'll talk about how to stop it, what desperately-needed measures (such as the Tobin tax) would end the depression and restore prosperity, and more.